The War Years – Part II

The War Years – Part II

On today’s program we are going to conclude our two part series on the War Years.  For our Christmas program, we will return to the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium where we will get a glimpse of Christmas Eve for the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion after friendly light and heavy bombers level the city.

In the second part, we will conclude an interview some time ago with Bernard and Laina Rikala so to help remember the sacrifice that ties into our Heritage foundation of the Galley.


Special thanks goes to www,  There you can find a lot of great World War II memoirs and books.  Be sure to visit them on their website.  The book referenced in the podcast can be reviewed at the below link:

The 291st Engineer Combat Battalion in
France, Belgium and Germany

by Col David E. Pergin and Eric Hammel

Photo credits:Pictures were taken at the National Archives and are offered Royalty Free by the Picture Collection of

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