Skill Development for 2018

Skill Development for 2018

On this edition of the Galley podcast, our main topic is going to be skill development for the coming new year.  We’re going to share three new skills we’d like to develop and master in the next 12 months.  Goal setting can certainly be inspiring so maybe we’ll be able to get you thinking about some of your goals you’d like to accomplish.  We’re always looking to expand our skill sets and New Year’s Eve provides the perfect starting point.  In our second segment, Sailing through the 60s and 70s, we’re going to be looking at another WWII era ship the steamship the Enders M. Voorhees.  It joins the Olds as one of the longest vessels in its day and also built in the year 1942.

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On today’s episode we’re going to talk about skill development and lay the groundwork for at least three skills we’d like to master in the coming new year.  We’re always looking to expand our skill set and hopefully we can inspire you to do so as well.

Skill development.  First of all…why bother? 

Actually, there are a lot of benefits from moving from the specialized to the Jack or Jill of all trades.  I’ve found that out professionally in corporate America.  Early in my career I worked in a highly specialized area for a number of years.  When the winds of change were on the horizon, I found there weren’t many jobs I was qualified for because my previous experience was so narrow.  That’s the way it is in business…specialization… to help meet the ends of production and quality.  When I found I was sort of locked in a box, so to speak, decided to change that and my thinking in general terms.

I’ve found continuous study in different disciplines can lead to innovative thought being able to see outside the box and being willing to try new approaches to old problems.  It’s all about keeping your mind sharp and putting yourself in a position where you’re the student and being comfortable in a high learning and high failing environment.

Objective #1: Master the art of the greens.  For this goal, this is what we hope to accomplish in 2018:

  • First learning how to get the soil right by creating the best growing environment in the bed.
  • Look at investing money into a composter. The goal would be feed the garden bed with regular intervals of compost.
  • Harvesting and rotating crops so you always have a continuous supply of salad greens ready for the table.
  • Lastly, researching and learning to prepare good homemade salad dressings to enhance the salad greens. You’ll see various podcasts devoted to ones we really like…I know the Duluth Grill makes all of their salad dressings so we’ll have a few Comfort Food programs reviewing recipes from the Duluth Grill.

Objective #2: Master the art of sourdough bread.  For this, it goes from making the starter to the finished loaf.  What intrigues me about sour dough bread is you use naturally occurring yeast in the environment as your source for leavening.

Objective #3: As an extension to our love of bread, we want to master the art of homemade pizza.  Some of the topics we hope to master are the ever important pizza dough which includes:

  • Regular and pre-fermented doughs
  • Whole grain dough
  • Deep dish pizzas

So that seems like a lot, but we’re shooting high for 2018 and hopefully next year at this time we’ll be able to share how all these projects went this year…Lord willing.

We wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year!

 Sailing through the 60’s and 70’s

Our featured vessel is the Enders M. Voorhees.  This the second of five vessels built in 1942 that we we’re taking a look at in our series.  Last week, we profiled the Irving S. Olds.  And I’m thinking the direction we’ll take is to profile all the wartime stream ships in the coming weeks that were built in 1942 and 43.  So looking ahead, that would include the other 1942 class which includes the Fairless, Ferbert, and Fraser.   The 1943 class that includes the Avery, Sloan and Stanley.  As you can tell, US Steel saw a huge demand for steel with the ramping up of World War II and the need to build tanks, planes and military vehicles to support the war effort.

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We thank Sterling Berry who runs the website “Great Lakes Vessel History” for allowing us to quote factual content from his website. You can find him on the web at to learn more.

Additional Reference

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