Culinary Sojourn Italy – Craftsy and Giuliano Hazan

Culinary Sojourn Italy – Craftsy and Giuliano Hazan

On this edition of the Galley podcast, we’ll be returning to our Italian Culinary Sojourn where we’ll be highlighting a Craftsy cooking class that ties in perfectly to our series.  We’ll give you a few pointers on getting the best value from the Craftsy site.  This will help get us caught up to where we are at this point.  Sailing Through the 60s and 70s, we’re going to look at a somewhat famous freighter that’s still in service, the Arthur Anderson.  The Anderson has a unique connection with the Edmund Fitzgerald. 

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But, first of all, what’s Craftsy?  Well, basically it’s a website that offers various craft type classes as well as cooking and baking classes and other products and supplies to support the classes they offer.  What you could expect to find are classes like growing heirloom tomatoes, late season gardening techniques, woodworking and a host of cake decorating classes and the like.

I first got introduced to the site through King Arthur.  I’m on their mailing list and they were offering a discounted class on making European torts taught by Wilhelm Wanders.  So, I thought it’d be kind of cool… so I signed up.  Then after I purchased the tort class, I quickly received a 50% off coupon if you signed up for another class.  And 50% off sounded good.  So, I thought it’d be a strategic move to enroll in a pie making course to help supplement our Betty’s Pies series…and learn some advanced techniques in pie making.

I personally think Giuliano Hazan’s courses are very enjoyable to watch as I think Giuliano has a good stage presence and thoroughly knows his subject matter.  He’ll teach you Italian cooking.  If you take the course, here’s a primer of some of the recipes Giuliano will present in this course and many are also found in Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, with some slight variations:

  • Tomato and Onion Sauce
  • Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato, Olive Oil, Garlic & Basil
  • Spicy Tomato Sauce with Pancetta
  • Puttanesca
  • Bologonese Meat Sauce
  • A Classic Meat Sauce of the Marches
  • Spaghetti with Raw Tomatoes, Herbs and Mozzarella
  • Spaghetti With Raw Peppers and Tomato
  • Carbonera, a Creamy Egg and Pancetta Sauce

We are giving away two of Giuliano Hazan’s cooking classes.  Register by e-mailing us at  Put “Class Entry” in the subject line.  Submission deadline is 12/15/2017 at 12:00 am CST.  Please indicate in the submission if you prefer the Classic Italian Sauces Meat and Tomato, or Classic Italian Sauces Seafood and Vegetable.

If you are one of the lucky winners, you will receive your class in your e-mail inbox on Christmas morning.  How great is that?

Sailing through the 60’s and 70’s

Our featured vessel is the Arthur M. Anderson.  The Arthur Anderson is a somewhat famous vessel because of its proximity to the Fitzgerald during that storm in which the Fitzgerald sank in 1975.  Captain Bernie Cooper and the Anderson were one of the first responders once the Fitzgerald was lost on radar.

The ship is in its 65th year of service.  The Anderson is almost legendary from its association with the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Both of those ships nearly followed the same course during that fateful storm back in 1975.  Bernie Cooper was the skipper and was in regular contact with the skipper of the Fitzgerald, Ernest McSorley, during the storm.  Bernie Cooper has since passed away in ‘93, but the Anderson still lives on carrying ore to the mills in the lower Great Lakes.

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