Comfort Food – Ratatouille

Comfort Food – Ratatouille

On this episode of the Galley podcast, we are jumping back into our Comfort Food series where we are making Ratatouille.  We are taking advantage of all the vegetables coming in from our local CSA.  This is also one of Mom’s favorite take-out items from the Duluth Grill.  In our Culinary Sojourns series, we are bringing you our last German dish before we depart for Italy.  This dish will feature a German preparation for beets.

Comfort Food Series Format
  • First, recipe selection. For the recipe selection, right now we belong to a CSA as well as manage and maintain our own gardens so we are more than likely choose recipes based on ingredients we have on hand. It’ll certainly correspond to seasonal ingredients that will likely be in surplus whether you grow your own food or belong to your own CSA. Certainly, they’ll be widely available in the supermarket
  • As far as the recipes themselves, we cannot publish the recipes due to copyrights. If we eventually set up an interview with the owner or publisher, they will perhaps to allow us to publish a recipe or two, but that would be sometime down the road. Our goal is to try the recipes themselves and let you know our evaluation of four primary factors.
  1. Was the recipe easy to make?
  2. Were there any new techniques that we learned?
  3. Challenges and pitfalls.
  4. How did the recipe taste? Mainly, how does the food compare to what you could actually order at the Duluth Grill? I think it’s important as that is very telling in a cookbook. Like science experiments, how well is the recipe replicated by the home cook?

In our criteria that we examine when approaching this series, we’ll answer the question if the cookbooks are worth buying? If the recipes are anything like the food you can purchase in the restaurant, then these cookbooks will be gold in your cookbook collection. If there is any resource that will fully create great garden-to-table fare, this would be a sure bet to do that. They were featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Ratatouille in the Making


I’ll say, since the decision was made to scale back the podcasts to a couple times per month, this has allowed us to dig deep into the cooking and try a few different variations. This will help to pass along deeper experience of our subject matter (also because we love cooking). We’re back at it, making Ratatouille. Our “Christmas blend” first gets roasted at 500 degrees and then broiled for another 10 or so minutes until the vegetables take on color.


Our CSA has been good to us by providing tomatoes and zucchini. Here the zucchini gets roasted with the egg plant separately. Same process as before.


Here are our tomatoes, spices and garlic. These are simmered until the roasted vegetables are done and then added in.


Here is nearly the completed ratatouille. Fresh herbs get added and then slowly simmered for 30 minutes. The recipe is taken from the Duluth Grill Cook Book. volume I.  Our plated ratatouille was served over polenta, which interestingly, Bob’s Red Mill had an interesting historical fact about it. It dates back to the Romans and was commonly served to the Roman army. Great dish to make.

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The Duluth Grill Cookbook can either be purchased at the restaurant or on their website.

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