About CDLGalley.com

Our mission is to enable and inspire individuals to live more fulfilled and satisfied lives by leveraging the concept of “thinking outside the box,” or perhaps more appropriately, “thinking outside the bun.” While primarily focused on culinary skills, the brand also branches out to the overall cultural influences and management concepts.

GalleyDarkLogo“The Galley” podcast is set on a fictional Great Lakes Freighter called the “CD Livingston.”  Its home port is located in Duluth, Minnesota.  The ship is metaphorical in many different ways, but serves as “theatre of the mind” experience while introducing new cooking related topics as well as highlighting an industry that was important to Minnesota’s economy during the industrial revolution.

The inspiration of this venture comes from the passion to rediscover the foundational heritage that is buried deep in the heart of Minnesota and the origins of the United States. www.cdlgalley.com is a journey embracing the history of Minnesota’s past while hoping to play a small part in the influence of Minnesota’s future by helping to fuel the passion of becoming less reliant on system methodologies helping others rediscover the joys and passions from preparing and enjoying “homemade” dishes to coin our motto– “where eating in beats eating out!”  These theories serve a two fold purpose by also translating into management concepts that the Galley aims to address.