Turkey Dumpling & Lentil Soup

Podcast Rewound

On this classic edition of the Galley podcast, we are going to use up that turkey stock you made from your holiday turkey based on our recommendation. We have a great soup for you the Turkey Dumpling and Lentil.  We plan to highlight the dumpling based off a German authentic preparation found the The German Cookbook.  In our Culinary Sojourns series. we are going to make our last German pork chop recipe.  Join us for a classic edition of the Galley podcast.

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Authentic Pasta Fagioli

Upcoming Program

On the next edition of the Galley podcast, we’re returning to our Culinary Sojourn series in Italy where we’re going be making one of my favorite soups that I have prepared quite a few times in the past which is Pasta Fagioli.  We already have our four bags of cranberry beans from Bob’s Red Mill and I have some San Marzano tomato sauce I made from vine ripened tomatoes that I am going to add to it.  I think this will be a terrific, terrific soup.  That will be the next Culinary Sojourn program from Italy.

Sailing Thru the 60s & 70s

Regular Feature

Vessels have a story to tell.  We plan to take a look at vessels that may be unfamiliar like the Pittsburgh Streamship Company's B.F. Affleck, (1927 - 1979), or Thomas W. Lamont, (1930 - 1981).  To the familiar, like the Edmund Fitzgerald or the Arthur M. Anderson.  We thank Sterling Berry who runs the website “Great Lakes Vessel History” for allowing us to quote factual content from his website.  Join us as we revisit an interesting era of Great Lakes shipping history.

Culinary Sojourns

Program Segment

A new feature of the program is that we are going to be taking a long culinary sojourn to learn old world cuisine. The focus is going to be primarily on strong immigrant nationalities that immigrated to Minnesota while the United States was still in its infancy. This is an exciting mission that will hopefully help bridge the gap between our ancestral roots and the sea that lay in between. One of our goals is to rediscover time tested recipes and gain understanding of “old world” cuisine.

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Fall Brook Trout Camp

The sea speaks in many voices as it was written some time ago. The stream also echoes its sentiments. The mid-September temperatures have seen stretches of mid-summer to mid-October causing confusion with the trees before turning to their full autumn splendid. The butternut squash are making their final growth spurt as the end of the growing season dwindles to mere days before the frost sets in and establishes its dominance of the turning of the season.  On our minds is butternut squash soup, “the quintessential fall soup,” as noted in the Gunflint Lodge Cookbook

Cote Nord Cuisine

Article by Eric Knutson

Growing up in a beach house on the shores of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, you can imagine the sumptuous seafood that found its way to the dinner table. The Gulf is where freshwater rivers meet the saltwater sea, offering us Cod, Flounder, Atlantic salmon, trout, mussels, clams and more. Sometimes it was fried on the stovetop, baked or broiled in the oven, or better yet cooked on the open fire and served with a side of potatoes and wild berries. You can’t beat eating a meal in the great outdoors...

Best from Italy

Zuppa di Lenticchie Con Riso Arborio

The recipe for Lentil Soup with Arborio Rice is found starting on page 99, of Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.  I guess what struck me first after reading over the ingredient list is that the addition of carrots, onion and celery was measured in tablespoons and not in whole ingredients.  Usually you see recipes calling for a stalk of celery or a small carrot or medium onion, so I knew right away I was going to be tempted to add far more that what the recipe called for.


First Generation Finnish Story - Part I

My mother once remarked that when I was born I looked more like a skinny rat than anything and my chances of survival not the best. I was born April 14, 1914, in what was then a small town known as Hibbing, Mn. My grandmother, Mrs. John Bankord, ran a boarding house in Hibbing. As news of her fabulous cooking spread around, more and more of the miners, a lot of them lately emigrated from Finland, started eating there, my dad to be amongst them. He had come to this country around the year 1908.

Christmas during the War Years

Podcast Rewound

On this classic edition of the Galley podcast, we are going to conclude our two part series on the War Years. For our Christmas program, we will return to the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium where we will get a glimpse of Christmas Eve for the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion after friendly light and heavy bombers level the city.  In the second part, we will conclude an interview some time ago with Bernard and Laina Rikala so to help remember the sacrifice that ties into our Heritage foundation of the Galley.

From the desk of Executive Chef Frank...

Frank's Corner

12/14/2017Hello to all out there, I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Hope everyone takes the time to cherish the season and spend time with friends and loved ones.  Christmas is always a special time for me as it reminds me that each day I live that that day has been bought for me with a price because of the Christ child.  He's the greatest gift.  Cheers.  Frank